Windows Live Mail, Connecting to Cold Snap-Provided Email

December 20th, 2013 by admin

Connecting To Cold Snap Technology Email

via Windows Live Mail

This tutorial will teach you how to use Windows Live Mail to connect to CST Email services. While this is focused on setting up Windows Live Mail, some of these elements are similar to other Email client programs, and services.

For a details on connecting with SSL or with Thunderbird, Outlook, or other clients please contact us.

If you have not started Windows Live Mail before, the window below will pop up automatically. If it does not, you can access it by clicking the Accounts tab across the top of the window, and then click the button labeled Email.

Adding a new email address

Adding a new email address

Step 1B

In this window,

Email address: Fill this in with your email address (in example,

Password: Fill this in with the password set up or assigned to your account.

Display name for your sent messages: This can be what you like, but should be your real name.

Please make sure to checkmark the box beside Manually configure server settings.

Then click Next.

 Step 2

Incoming server information

Server type: Please select POP.

Server address: This should be (Your-domain to be replaced with the website you have through Cold Snap. For example, if your website is, then this would be

Port: Please type in 110, if not already present.

Do NOT checkmark Requires a secure connections (SSL).

Authenticate using: Clear text should be selected.

Logon user name: This is your full email address. (in example,

Outgoing server information

Server address: This should be, as explained in the previous section.

Port: Please type in 587.

Do NOT checkmark Requires a secure connections (SSL).

Do checkmark Requires authentication. (If you have an older version of Outlook or Outlook Express see how to enable outgoing authentication here.)

Please click Next.

Step 3

If all was well, this should be all that is required! We can check back on our main screen after clicking FinishEmail should download automatically at this point, if the account was set up correctly. Your Cold Snap provided email service should now be fully set up.

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