Windows Key Shortcuts

April 1st, 2016 by admin

Do you dislike having to move your hand to the mouse to do certain tasks such as saving your document? Here is a list of some of the most common keyboard shortcuts that we use on a daily basis.

Here is a list of some of the most common windows keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts will work with most Microsoft applications.

CTRL A – Select all
CTRL B – Bold
CTRL C – Copy highlighted text
CTRL F – Find
CTRL H – Search and replace
CTRL I – Italic
CTRL O – Open file
CTRL P – Print
CTRL R – Hard Refresh (most browsers)
CTRL S – Save
CTRL U – Underline
CTRL V – Paste chipped text
CTRL X – Cut highlighted text
CTRL Z – Undo

CTRL + Shift + Arrow Key – Highlights full words left and right, or the lines above and below the current line [does include a little of current line depending on cursor location]
Shift + Arrow Key (left or right) – Highlights 1 letter at a time in the direction you chose. The up & down arrows depend on where the cursor is located
CTRL + Arrow Key (left or right) – Moves cursor to the next word in direction chosen

F1 – Help menu
F2 – Rename
F3 – Find next
F5 – Refresh

Windows R – Open run dialog

CTRL + Alt + Delete – Bring ups a way to get to the task manager if a program is not responding, you could lock your computer, switch users and more

If you are interested in shortcuts for specific programs, please leave us comments and we will see what we can do about writing an article about keyboard shortcuts for some programs. It will have to be a more common program for us to do this.

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