Phone Scams Involving Your Computer’s Health

December 20th, 2013 by admin

I recently posted on our Facebook page about a recent development in our area of Northern Minnesota – but it’s happening everywhere as well.

A client received a phone call from a man claiming that he knew she had a Microsoft Windows computer and that it was on its way to failure – something about crashing or viruses, either way they told her that this was legitimate because they apparently had their computer’s “ID number”. For all we’re concerned this could be something like 1343GFQ032RD and it might sound legitimate to someone who is unsure all while being completely meaningless.

Regardless of what someone on the phone tells you, there is no legitimate reason why someone would be calling your phone to warn you that your computer is about to break. Not only would they have no way of knowing (without already having backdoor access to your computer – which you may want to have examined if strange events continue) but there is a 99% chance that if you do fall for their trap, you’ll be paying them to “fix” the problem – and they will instead either actually create real problems or further increase problems and then they’ll want to be paid again to “fix” the last problem.

If you get a phone call from someone who is asking or demanding money to help you with your computer PLEASE do not pay them or give them any details, or download anything they ask you to. You can do whatever you like – if you’re the kind of person who likes to toy with telemarketers then string them along and waste their time. Otherwise, just hanging up on them and/or ignoring their calls will save you from potentially being bullied into paying for illegitimate service.

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